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Is NOW the time for your health on every level? The time you truly feel comfortable in your own skin? We are often busy with work and family and often don't have the time to donate to ourselves. I am going to give you simple and easy to implement tasks that will make a big difference to your health and weight without turning your world upside down.

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When you are searching for that all important life change. Everyone is different. There is basic sound nutritional information suitable for everyone, but sometimes due to health or even personal problems, a more individual and person specific approach is needed.

I am now ultimately connected to all my clients via Total Coaching software. Get in touch if you want to be connected

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How many times have we been completely frustrated or upset by our own body image? Babies love every inch of themselves. They have no shame or guilt, they don't continuously reprimand and criticise themselves, yet they change and evolve.


Whatever your health desires, I’m here to help. I am the convenient personal trainer. Do not worry if you are far away or lacking time I am also ONLINE trainer.

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I believe in all round health. My aim is to help you identify your obstacles, design a unique program that fits YOU and YOUR life, and guide you through  every step. My holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and psychological/emotional health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time

I also use BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) and KINETIC SHIFT to help my clients remove emotional/psychological blocks to their success.

This has taken my clients success rate to a whole new level. Especially for people looking for


Anna is an expert nutritionist for BBC lunchtime news, BBC Radio Leeds & also for Radioaire. Anna has appeared in Marie Claire, Essentials, Womens Health & Fitness, the Daily Mirror Newspaper,  Bodyfit, and The Yorkshire Wedding magazine.

​Anna has worked and trained with many well known personalities including the hard working actor/comedian

Mr Lenny Henry​ and reflexologist to Lee Murtagh Irish Light Middleweight Boxing Champion


Anna Ferguson's Qualifications:  Personal Trainer * Nutritionist * Pilates Instructor

Dance Trainer/Dance Aerobics Trainer * Dance Fitness* Circuits Instuctor

Also Specialises in Alexander Technique *  Reflexologist * NEW Facelift Massage * BWRT Practitioner

Kinetic Shift Practitioner *1st Aid

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